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前天大早用Nexus One试了试buzz, 昨天在gmail里面发现也有了buzz按钮, 可惜每次点那个输入框的时候, 一阵灰蓝色的div mask过后, 左下角显示”stopped”, 像是啥JavaScript停止加载了, 当时以为是google的bug, 也没在意. 后来我试了试用自己的profile看buzz, 才看到顶端的提示:


Your profile is currently blocked because it was found to contain content (text, images, or other items) that go against our Community Standards. When a profile is blocked, other people cannot view it or find it by searching.

If you believe that your profile has been blocked in error or have recently edited your profile to be in compliance with our Community Standards, please submit your profile for reconsideration. Your profile will be reviewed again and unblocked if it complies with our Community Standards.

奇了怪了, 我哪儿跟他的Community Standards违背了?

更麻烦的是, 找不到上哪儿跟google理论, 丫留个客服邮箱也好呀..

现在看来, profile被block, 我受到的影响有这些:

  1. buzz完全受限, 不论是用N1还是用Gmail, 甚至是用profile里潜入的”comment”功能回复
  2. Gtalk邮件提示失效
4 Responses to “莫名其妙上了google的黑名单”
  1. SNOW哥哥你杯具了。。。你到底干什么了?

  2. to Eric
    哈哈, 也没啥大不了, 不行我就换个google account.

  3. 難怪reader里你的profile都成了未知了

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