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前天白天就发现网站打不开了, ssh也连不上主机. 甚至连DH自己的网站都很慢. 给他们提一个case累了半天才搞定. 还是一个加急的case.

等了漫长的一天才有回复, 说之前那台主机的driver丢失导致OS挂了. balabala… 反正这次对他们support的感觉没之前那么好了. 这次的经济危机对DH也有影响吗? 我倒觉得这种做Virtual Services的应该生意更红火才对. 也许也正因为此, 他们的server crash了? 呵呵.

郁闷的是在公司我试了一下, 分别走两条线路测试, 一条可以通了, 另一条确像被墙堵在外头似的. 连接总是莫名其妙中断.


Sorry about the problems you have experienced today and yesterday.  Your problems are related to one of our file servers, Peeler, losing some drives and causing corruption to the operating system.  You can get some details on our attempts to fix this issue at DreamHost status:
At this point we have had to get people not on this file server up first.  So we were able to remove Peeler from the machines it was mounted on and take those users off the machines they were on previously.  So this has hopefully solved the issues for those of you not on Peeler yet were still affected by it’s problems due to Peeler being mounted on your hosting machine.  If you are not on Peeler and you are still experiencing problems please let our support staff know of your problems.
For those of you on Peeler, you can check what file server you are on by clicking on ‘Account Status’ from the panel under your login name.  It is listed in the ‘Your File Servers’ section.  So if you are are on Peeler than we unfortunately have bad news.  We are unsure at this time if we can recover your data from Peeler.  We will do everything we can to get the data off, but at this moment we are not optimistic about the chances.  For now we are moving all of your users to a new machine.  This will allow you to upload any local backups that you have and will allow you to start receiving email again.  Unfortunately there will be no data moved as we can not access it at the moment.  This will allow you to receive new email but you will not have access to any old email.  The same will go for your website.  You will be able to upload your own backups to get your sites up – and your site will work – but the old data on the machine will not be accessible.
On behalf of the DreamHost team I offer our sincere apologies for this hardware failure.  Events of this scale are always quite dismaying, but hopefully we can recover your data.  If that does happen, we will start importing it to the new location over the next few days.
For everyone who is being moved to a new server, we will send a detailed message to each account we have to move.  This will provide you with your new server name and other information so that you can start your uploads once the move is complete.
For further questions or concerns about this issue please contact me directly at


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  1. 用了这么久朋友分享的dh,感觉不会挂,但是速度相当不稳定….

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