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IIS服务器, 当该服务器上装有Office的时候, 会自动将.pps文件扩展名改为.ppt


This problem can occur because there is no registered Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type for .pps files on either the IIS server or on the client computer. Because PowerPoint SlideShow (*.pps) files are associated with PowerPoint only by their file name extension, and not a separate MIME type, Microsoft Internet Explorer processes the file as a standard PowerPoint (*.ppt) file. Therefore, you are prompted with a .ppt extension when you save the file instead of a .pps extension.

1.    In IIS Administrative Console snap-in, right-click the specific Web server where the .pps file is located, and then click Properties.
2.    Click the HTTP Headers tab.
3.    Click the File Types button.
4.    Click New Type.
5.    In the Extension box, type .pps, and then in the Content type (MIME) box, type application/
6.    Click OK, and then restart IIS.


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